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How to make your static river “beautiful”

I’ve been working with the people on the River Of News mail list to make wikiriver.org nicer-to-look-at. Of course it’s just a river maintained by the River2 tool. So once we had it so that one river could look nicer, we can make them all nicer.

Here’s how to do it…

1. Bring config.root to the front and navigate to config.river2.users.

2. Open the user whose river you want to beautify.

3. Open prefs then beautifulRiver and look for a boolean value named flBeautifulIsIndex.

4. Click in the Value field and select false, type true in its place and press Return.

That’s it. The next time your river scans this one will get a new look.

If you want to beautify your main river, navigate to config.river2.prefs.beautifulRIver and change its flBeautifulIsIndex value to true.

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