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Monthly Archives: June 2010

How to export your River2 subscription list

Donovan Watts asks: “Can you tell me how to export my River2 feeds? Installing River2 on my Mini & can’t figure out how to transfer feeds from laptop.”

1. From the River2 home page, click on FEEDS in the menu at the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you should see a link that says: “View the OPML subscription list.” Click the link.

2. The OPML file appears in your web browser. Then choose Save Page As from the File menu of your browser (I use Firefox or Chrome, the command might have a different name in other browsers). Enter the name of a file and click Save.

3. Then, to import the OPML file into your installation, bring the OPML app to the front and choose Import OPML from the River2 sub-menu of the Tools menu. Locate the file you exported in step 2.

Note: I like to answer questions in blog posts instead of on Twitter because I get more than 140 characters to explain what’s going on. Also it’s easier for people to find an answer using a search engine, in the future. It often works better if you can ask the question in an environment which doesn’t have a 140-character limit. People often omit an essential piece of info in their request for info, and it’s even worse with the 140-character limit. If you can’t find a blog to post your question on, just post a comment here.